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Rob McCall


Rob joined .406 Ventures in 2015, supporting the team in all aspects of investing and portfolio management. He brings a diversified operational background to the firm, with deep experience in sales and account management.

At .406, Rob spends his time working across all of .406’s investment verticals and strategies, as well as running the Student Fellows program with partner Graham Brooks.

Prior to joining .406, Rob was an inside account manager at EMC covering the great state of Texas. At EMC, he worked with his customers and their IT departments to craft forward-thinking strategies surrounding their data storage, backup, and disaster recovery environments. Although a great experience, Rob was happy to leave the corporate world and return to the entrepreneurial scene in Boston.

Before EMC, Rob spent over 3 years working in a variety of operational roles at MineralTree, a .406 Fund I portfolio company. While the company was in stealth mode and Rob was in college, he joined as a summer intern focused on market research in the financial and SMB spaces. Immediately drawn to the energy, culture, and pace of the startup world, Rob graduated a semester early from college to start working full-time. As a former customer support representative, sales engineer, project manager, customer success representative, inside sales representative, sales operations lead, account manager, and just about any other title he could think up for the day’s activities, Rob knows the hard-work and drive required to bring a start-up to life.

Rob received his BA in Psychology from Duke University, with minors in Economics as well as Environmental Science and Policy.


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  • How I want entrepreneurs to perceive the .406 team

    Part of your core team, working hand in hand to make your start-up a big success

  • Worst fear

    Failing to make a positive difference in the world

  • Favorite book

    The Complete Calvin & Hobbes (before this complete book set came out I spent my life’s “savings” in elementary school collecting the 18 individual books)

  • What you’ll find me drinking

    Chocolate milk. I refuse to grow up. When I need to act older, I really enjoy a good bourbon.

  • Least favorite job

    CWO (Chief Waste Officer), reporting directly to my dog the CEO. He’s one “crappy” boss.

  • Favorite wheels

    My electric kick scooter (UScooter) for commuting. Don’t judge me until you try it!

  • Fond childhood memory

    Hiking Mt. Washington and staying overnight at the hut up top. Felt like hiking Everest at the time!

  • I can’t live without my

    Oxford comma

  • I get annoyed when

    I have to wait in line. I’m very thankful for online shopping.

  • Most important lesson learned

    The Golden Rule: treat others how you want to be treated (thanks Robinson Elementary School!)

  • Superhero power of questionable value

    Functioning daily without caffeine.

  • Favorite music

    Rock…pretty much any kind.

  • Peak of my athletic career

    Living under the delusion that I still have yet to peak. Stay tuned!

  • Who would play you in your life movie

    Denzel Washington. He’s already played one “Robert McCall” before while starring in The Equalizer.

  • First thing you do when you get up

    Take my dog, Vader, for a walk

  • Still on your bucket list

    Hike the Appalachian Trail, all 2,200 miles

  • Your nickname(s)

    Dirt…that started out as Bert, but as a kid I couldn’t keep clothes clean. Have also been called The Rock since birth…long before Dwayne Johnson stole it.

  • Most unusual thing in your office

    The people. Come see for yourself!

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