.406 Ventures

We work for you as you build a large, successful and important business

.406 Ventures is a different type of venture capital firm.

Your business demands a strong capital partner who will be in the trenches with you.

1 Early-stage tech investing is our passion. We love being involved in the first institutional capital rounds—early enough to be able to truly partner with you and materially impact the growth trajectory of your company.

2 Your company matters. We limit the number of investments in each portfolio to ensure adequate capital and partner bandwidth per company to maximize the chances of success across the board. With .406, you do not get one or two partners, you get the resources of our full team—every investment team member touches every company. We are also dogmatic about never investing in competitive companies, so we will be explicitly aligned with you.

3 Operational experience and entrepreneurial roots are at .406’s core. We may not have seen and done it all, but we certainly know what it is like to build an entrepreneurial company. Our years of experience starting and running our own businesses give us personal insight and access to deep networks that we can offer you as you work to build a great company.

4 We are nimble, flexible and wear many hats for our entrepreneurs. And while we apply our skills and lessons learned across our portfolio, we realize that your company has unique needs and requires a customized approach.

5 We invest in companies aiming to disrupt industries that we know extremely well and where we have the networks to truly accelerate company success.

What we look for...

Extraordinary People

We invest in entrepreneurs and teams who have demonstrated a passion to achieve the impossible, usually in impossibly little time and on ridiculously limited resources.

Large Markets

There are great ideas and there are good market opportunities; we look for both. We also believe that venture capital is not the right form of capital for every situation, so we will help you make sure that we have an aligned fit and plan for success.

Unique Technology

We invest in technologies and tech-driven services that solve thorny problems for big markets in unique and compelling ways. Applying these criteria, we focus on:

The Bottom Line

We invest in opportunities where we understand the need and your company’s technology solution; where we have deep, relevant networks; and where we believe we can add disproportionate value as a partner, investor and board member. Our initial investments are typically between $2 and $5 million with substantial additional capital reserved for follow-on investment.

How our partners benefit from working with us - in their own words

We become an extension of your team by:

Offering the appropriate amount of capital to grow your business in the optimal way and bringing our extensive and focused networks to bear, helping you land customers, find partners and attract great employees.

We firmly believe that capital-efficient business models underlie the most successful companies. As such, we work with founders to determine the right amount of capital to maximize growth and optimize the business’s chance at success.

.406 has been transformational for our business.

Mariano Nunez, CEO, Onapsis

Advising and supporting your company by putting our operational and entrepreneurial expertise to good use.

.406 has been a spectacular partner. They are networkers. Over the years they have continually introduced us to prospects, strategic partners and investors. And they do a great job of relating our value to others in our market. We have many customers and investors thanks to .406 support.

Dan Phillips, Chairman and Co-Founder, CloudHealth Technologies

We especially value the .406 team’s vast experience as operators and have greatly benefited from their counseling as it pertains to identifying, instilling, tracking and analyzing key performance indicators, and in optimizing the company’s budget to maximize results while mitigating risks and reducing exposures.

Ron Yekutiel, CEO and Co-Founder, Kaltura

Acting as a strong advocate and a constructive sounding board.

As the company and the team have grown, Liam, Graham and Payal have continued to encourage us to set high goals for success, recognizing and acknowledging the occasional and expected ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship, and never losing sight of the opportunity for great success down the road.

Reena Pande, Chief Medical Officer, AbleTo