.406 Ventures

So-June Min

Chief Financial Officer

So-June Min joined .406 in January 2006 and is responsible for capital calls, distributions, portfolio tracking and reporting, as well as the daily financial management functions.

Prior to joining .406, So-June was the CFO of venture capital firm Arcadia Partners from 2003 to 2006, where she performed similar functions.

From 1995 to 2000, So-June was employed as a Senior Deal Specialist by PECO Energy’s Power Team (“Power Team”), one of the largest bulk energy trading groups in the US. So-June has analyzed and participated in over $2 billion worth of short-term and long-term energy trades across the US. She also was responsible for all asset valuations for acquisitions done by PECO. In addition, So-June spearheaded the use of “optionality” in deal analysis, which enabled more accurate pricing for long and short-term energy deals. PECO was one of the first energy generating companies to actively use such valuations.

From 1992 to 1993, So-June was employed at the Sunkyong Group (“SK”), the third largest conglomerate in Korea with over 20 subsidiaries. She was selected by the current SK Chairman to represent the company in an international consortium led by SK to win Korean’s second nation-wide cellular license. So-June was responsible for coordination and communication among consortium members as well as the writing of the bid. SK won the bid and is currently the largest cellular service provider in South Korea.

So-June received a MBA from Dartmouth’s Amos Tuck School of Business Administration and a BA in English Literature from Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul, Korea. So-June is married to Liam Donohue, a member of the .406 GP.


Meet More of the .406 Team

  • How I want entrepreneurs to perceive me

    She can still count.

  • Best job

    As always, the one I currently have.

  • Worst fear

    Porcelain dolls with fingers and teeth

  • Grew up in

    A trailer park in Mississippi. A trailer was the housing for the professors.

  • I can’t live without my

    First cup of coffee. Trust me on this.

  • I can’t stop eating

    Any fried food of little nutritional value

  • I get annoyed when

    When people forget to turn off the change lane blinker after changing lanes

  • Key to success

    Never give up

  • In a past life I

    was a power broker. Seriously, I use to trade bulk electricity.

  • Who would play you in your life movie

    A Muppet, most likely

  • Still on your bucket list

    Use Snapchat at least once

  • You are most proud of

    My family

  • Your nickname(s)

    Sloe gin. I have no idea why

  • Most unusual thing in your office

    A paper Mache alligator with a pink brain

  • Favorite food combo

    Carbs and fat

  • Item you have to have on an airplane

    Socks. My toes get cold.

  • A nickname for .406 as a whole

    At the risk of sounding old, Gilligan’s Island — everyone is different, but it works.

  • One vanity item I like to keep secret is

    Pastel granny hair rollers, bobby pins included