.406 Ventures

We know we are doing our jobs correctly when you think of us as an extension of your team.

When we started .406 Ventures in 2005, we set out to build a firm that would be known for two things: 1) backing market-leading companies in our focus sectors; and, 2) being helpful, honest and responsive.

Our Team

We focus on only a few key areas where we have sustained industry and investing experience and can go deep enough to understand the market intricacies in order to help our companies.

We have built companies ourselves and have helped to build many dozens led by talented entrepreneurs.

In addition to our portfolio company board roles, we stay involved within our key industries through leadership networks and industry events/meet-ups to provide value back to our companies.

We work hard and play hard like you do—we love what we do and with whom we do it. Meet the .406 team


We have raised over $1B across six funds.

We have invested in 60+ companies since 2006, many of which were pre-revenue when we first invested.

We have backed 9 entrepreneurs for a second time.

Our companies jointly employ over 5,000 people across 28 states and 10 countries.

We have invested over 60% of our capital in the New England area.

The value created by our companies exceeds $12B and is constantly increasing.

We have had more than 650 separate meetings in raising our funds, so we know the ‘joys’ of fundraising.

We have not solved world peace, but we have managed to have graduates from Tuck, Wharton and even HBS co-exist in harmony.

Our Mission

Passionate, knowledgeable and hard-working, we aspire to be the type of investors we sought to have around our own boards when we were building our companies.

Our Programs

Executives and Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs)

.406 Ventures has successfully worked with several executives and entrepreneurs. This group is either senior executives who have strong domain expertise and are generally interested in finding a role in a portfolio company or entrepreneurial executives who are focused on launching a company themselves. During their tenure with .406, they assist the investment team with deal sourcing, due diligence, theme development and/or portfolio company support.

.406 Executive Councils

The .406 Ventures Executive Councils in Cybersecurity, Healthcare and Data comprise industry thought-leaders and executives within influential enterprises across multiple industries. The goal of this initiative is to provide a platform for the Council members and .406 Ventures to have mutually beneficial dialogue regarding key industry trends and solutions. The .406 Ventures Executive Councils are a who’s who, invite-only network, allowing for an exclusive and rich experience for the executives involved and is an exceptional resource for our portfolio companies.

Student Fellows

The .406 Ventures Student Fellows program is a unique opportunity for undergraduate and graduate student entrepreneurs to build upon the academic entrepreneurial experiences offered through school, with the real-world skills and networks needed to start successful companies. During the 2-year program, student entrepreneurs are able to augment their entrepreneurship academic work with live experience in the field as well as an amazing platform and network to accelerate growth of their start-ups. Started in 2008, 100+ Fellows have gone through the two-year program and on to start some highly successful companies (raising over $650M) or have joined top tech companies such as Google, Dropbox, One Medical, Tesla, Facebook and Twitter.

The Fellowship is aimed at helping students accelerate their entrepreneurial careers, as all Fellows have started a company and many are either working on a company when they join the Fellowship or start a company while an active Fellow. The unique combination of a strong network of top entrepreneurs and technologists, exposure to the capital community and fundraising process, subsidies from our service provider partners and hands on learning from top industry practitioners within the .406 network helps Fellows realize the full potential of their startups while still in school. The Student Fellows program has created a strong and active network of current and alumni Fellows from leading universities across the United States and abroad. Any interested undergraduate and graduate students, please email studentfellows@406ventures.com

Our History

Larry Begley, Maria Cirino and Liam Donohue started .406 Ventures in late 2005, based on the belief that entrepreneurs could benefit by working with venture capitalists who viewed themselves more as partners and who provided operational expertise along with capital.

Since then, the .406 team has grown and our portfolio companies have prospered. And today, the best new companies in Cybersecurity, Digital Health, and Data and Cloud seek out .406 for our unique brand of financial and operation support.