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Eliza Loring McGinn


Eliza joined .406 Ventures in 2020 as a venture associate, supporting the team across all stages of the investment journey, from sourcing to deal execution. She brings deep experience working with management teams to tackle major challenges and realize their full potential. She is passionate about products and technologies that make the world a better, more efficient, and safer place.

Prior to joining .406, Eliza was an associate at AEA Investors, a New York-based middle market Private Equity firm, with over $15B under management. At AEA, she evaluated and executed investments across a variety of sectors, including healthcare, technology, and industrial products, and she worked closely with several of AEA’s portfolio companies on their most critical initiatives, including M&A, organizational strategy, and operations. She was especially involved in the firm’s investment in API Technologies.

Eliza started her career as a management consultant at Bain & Company, helping corporate clients create more valuable enterprises and assisting private equity firms in their diligence of potential investments. While these two roles exposed her to a diverse set of companies attacking unique growth strategies and facing unique problems, they also imparted on her the universal importance of teamwork, persistence, and bravery when building a game-changing business.
Eliza graduated from Yale University in 2016 with degrees in Economics and Political Science while competing on the college’s Women’s Soccer Team. She grew up in the greater Boston area, and, after her stint in New Haven and New York, is glad to return to a place she calls home. She lives in the South End with her fiancé and is actively involved in The Steppingstone Foundation. In Eliza’s free time she enjoys skiing, running, golfing, and reading great fiction.


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  • How I want entrepreneurs to perceive the .406 team

    A dedicated and loyal set of partners to their core - an extension of their team

  • Biggest Failure

    Achieving childhood goal of becoming Princess Leia when I grew up (I guess there’s still time?)

  • Worst fear

    Cockroaches (New York City PTSD)

  • Favorite Destination

    Nantucket, where every summer with my family is like Cheaper by the Dozen

  • What you’ll find me drinking

    A margarita - adult lemonade!

  • Something I say all the time

    Glass half full

  • Best part of the day

    My morning run

  • Fond childhood memory

    ‘running away’ (read: waddling down the street) when I was notified that I would have a younger brother and not a sister (see below)

  • I can’t live without my

    My two younger brothers, who are my best friends

  • I can’t stop eating

    Ice cream (usually after 10pm)

  • I get annoyed when

    Things are delayed or later than promised

  • I’m terrible at

    Slowing down... never was much of a sleeper!

  • Keys to successful leadership

    Patience, grit, and bringing the best out of everyone around you

  • Most fun I have ever had

    Running the 2019 Boston Marathon with my Dad

  • Peak of my athletic career

    Recovering from what was thought to be a career-ending injury to play division I soccer

  • Still on your bucket list

    Meet Michelle Obama

  • First thing you do when you get up

    Take 10 deep breaths and only THEN check my phone

  • You are most proud of

    My relationship with my fiancé

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