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New York, NY

As a national behavioral healthcare provider, AbleTo offers structured behavioral health programs to address the depression, anxiety and stress that can accompany medical issues and interfere with patients’ recovery. AbleTo programs, which are delivered remotely, improve outcomes and lower the cost-of-care for high-risk medical populations, including individuals with heart disease, diabetes and chronic pain, among others.

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In partnership with health plans and large self-insured employers, AbleTo helps program participants experience improved health, better recovery and, in the case of cardiac patients, fewer hospitalizations.

As the company and the team have grown, .406 has continued to encourage us to set high goals for success, recognizing and acknowledging the occasional and expected ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship, and never losing sight of the opportunity for great success down the road.

Reena Pande Chief Medical Officer

Partnership with .406 Ventures

.406 Ventures was instrumental in helping build and develop AbleTo’s management team by introducing AbleTo to a pipeline of talent from within their own network.

Reena Pande, Chief Medical Officer

.406 has been instrumental to AbleTo’s growth in many ways:

- Reena Pande, Chief Medical Officer

Funny Memory of .406 Ventures

It would be a violation of HIPAA rules to give too much detail, but I first met Liam in my capacity as a practicing doctor.  I knew he was all about his companies when throughout his exam, he was pitching me on Iora Health and AbleTo.  While I evaluated him clinically, by the end of our appointment he diagnosed me as “an entrepreneur trapped in a cardiologist’s body” - boy was that a good call.

- Reena Pande, Chief Medical Officer

2013 Partnered with .406 Ventures
15 Nationalities represented in the team
77 Average number of car horns and sirens per day at the office
2 Airport-grade noise protection earmuffs owned by engineering team