We provide capital and operational expertise to help today’s innovators become tomorrow’s market leaders.  


.406 Ventures - Helping today’s innovators become tomorrow’s market leaders

At .406 Ventures, we provide capital and support for early stage technology companies. We add value far beyond capital by partnering with great teams to pursue innovative ideas in areas where we have deep experience and strong networks.

We’ve been in your shoes.

The best ideas require exceptional operational leadership and company-building expertise to succeed.

We’ve been on the front lines of starting, growing, running and exiting highly successful companies and, for us, there is nothing more compelling than working with a motivated team out to change the world.

Our name

Boston Red Sox legend Ted Williams achieved a record .406 batting average in the 1941 baseball season. He accomplished this through extraordinary vision and by being a selective hitter and only swinging at pitches within the strike zone that he knew he could hit best. We embrace the same strategy as Ted and apply it to venture capital. We focus on industries that we know well and use a rigorous diligence process to ensure that we invest in high-potential companies with the greatest likelihood of producing hits and breaking records.

Respect & Value; Ted Williams