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Boston, MA

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.406 Leads:
Maria Cirino and Greg Dracon
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Vaultive tackles the pivotal issue of cloud data protection that stands in the way of broader cloud adoption: the requirement for businesses to maintain ownership and control of their data while it is processed by and stored at cloud providers.

With Vaultive, businesses can move to the cloud and still ensure that their data:

  • complies with many regulations such as HIPAA-HITECH, GLBA, PCI, and others
  • cannot be disclosed to the government without their authorization
  • conforms to the broad range of data residency laws around the world
  • cannot be accessed by unauthorized individuals


Vaultive addresses these critical requirements through its groundbreaking encryption-in-use technology which enables businesses to encrypt their data before it goes to the cloud — so it can then be processed while still encrypted at the cloud provider. This capability enables organizations to independently control access to data processed by third-party services.



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