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Press Release

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WellAWARE Systems Relocates Headquarters to Richmond, VA

RICHMOND, VA, May 3, 2010 -WellAWARE Systems, the leading developer of next-generation wellness monitoring solutions for care providers, today announced its relocation to Richmond, VA in order to accommodate company growth and an expanding staff.

“We are excited to relocate our company headquarters to Richmond, VA to take advantage of the many opportunities the city has to offer including affordable office space, access to a larger employee pool, and proximity to customers, partners, and vendors,” said Jeff Noce, Chief Executive Officer of WellAWARE Systems. “While our roots are in Charlottesville, the move to Richmond will help the company grow to meet the increasing needs of our aging population.”

Based on a collaborative effort between the senior care industry and leading technology research organizations, WellAWARE Systems has developed a broad set of monitoring, reporting and analytical capabilities to improve the lives of seniors. At the same time, WellAWARE provides significant value to professional caregiving organizations through improved operational efficiencies and a more proactive approach to care delivery. WellAWARE’s innovative solution is delivered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) format, thereby reducing upfront customer costs and simplifying implementation for senior care providers. The system has been deployed in both home and community-based service settings as well as senior living facilities.

The new headquarters for WellAWARE Systems is 5500-K Cox Rd., Glen Allen, VA 23060.

About WellAWARE Systems

WellAWARE Systems offers the opportunity for enhanced quality of life for those in need through an innovative approach to wellness and safety for people with disabilities and our aging population. Built in collaboration with the professional caregiving industry, WellAWARE is a low-cost monitoring solution that gathers and reports behavioral and wellness information of a cared-for individual in support of higher quality, more efficient, and less costly healthcare. For more information on WellAWARE Systems, please visit www.wellawaresystems.com.

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